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Design Films: Embodied Interaction Research Techniques
Danielle Wilde & Oscar Tomico

Video has always been a great way to portray interactive products. The Design Films Track of the Eindhoven ArcInTex Symposium has been created to explore the impact of video in design, in particular in relation to embodied interaction research techniques. Over two days we will screen experimental videos, movies and fashion films, as well as design documentaries and advertising that relates to Architecture, Interaction Design and Textiles. The aim is to enable considered engagement with design practices and research techniques in process, as well as outcomes that foreground embodied interaction. Successful submissions will be shown alongside curated content. We expect a variety of submissions from researchers, students, companies, artists, and institutions.

Key dates:

Submissions: 19 September 2014
Notification of acceptance: 26 September 2014
Camera-ready versions: 6 October 2014
Screening: 15 & 16 October 2014




The second workshop was held at the Institute of Making at UCL. The day featured presentations from fashion designers, weavers, interaction designers and textiles researchers, and a making session by Yemi Awosile, exploring sound manipulation through surface design. The discussions brought up questions around time, language, public imagination and localities in regards to innovation around e-textiles. Read more about W2 – Material Engagement here.


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ArcInTex is a research network with conferences and workshops focusing on the areas where architecture, textiles and interaction design meet. The aim is to develop ideas, techniques, methods and programs for new perspectives on design for building, dwelling and living through joint research projects, larger funding applications, exchange programs between universities and events on emerging topics. Sarah Kettley, Senior Lecturer at NTU and presenter at W3 – Dialogue and Communication, is on the steering group of the network. The next workshop will be in TUE Eindhoven in October 2014.

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The first workshop took place on 19th May 2014 and was held at C4CC in London. The day was comprised of a range of talks by presentations with varied backgrounds, from design professionals, university researchers, independent designers/makers to architects and fashion designers. There was plenty of time for discussion throughout, making the audience a key part of the outcomes of the day. Some of the topics that emerged were the feelings of everything/nothing is happening in e-textiles and wearables, how do people define e-textiles, smart, wearables and change, questions of gender, and what the parameters are for change and innovation in and around e-textiles. This was brought forward to the second workshop – Material Engagement – and will be discussed further in the scoping report. The picture above is of Tom Fisher, Principal Investigator of the project, making the introduction for the day.

Read more about the first workshop here –



Talk2myShirt is a blog that gathers many e-textiles and wearables projects from all around the world. It is mainly focusing on the possible advancements of electronic wearables, leaving fashion trends aside. Although the site hasn’t been updated in a while, it has a great archive and list to other sites. The image above shows CuteCircuit‘s t-shirtOS, the first programmable t-shirt, which Francesca and Ryan from CuteCirtcuit discussed in more detail at the first workshop. Here is a link to the post about t-shirtOS on Talk2myShirt, where you can see a video about the project.


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Make:Shift is a conference organised by the Crafts Council that will explore how advances in materials, processes and technologies are driving innovation in craft practice and creating new opportunities for makers. This new biennial conference is taking place from Thursday 20 to Friday 21 November 2014 at Ravensbourne in Greenwich.

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Amy Winters is the creative mind behind the fashion expressions of Rainbow Winters. Amy is a new media artist and fashion designer whose work lies at the intersection of fashion, visual arts, music, film, dance and theatre. Her clothing seeks to express the emotive and aesthetic capabilities of emerging technologies through illuminated textiles, sensors, colour-changing inks & nanotechnology. The image above shows her project Structural Colour, where colour is achieved without the use of pigment; rather it is the nano-structures of the material itself which reflect light at different wavelengths that is creating the appearance of colour. In using this effect it is possible to change the colour by stretching the fabric, which Amy explores in her project.