Camille Baker will be speaking at TEDx Brighton on 31st October, about her own wearable practice. Camille has a fascination with all things emotional, embodied, felt, sensed, the visceral, physical, relational, and participatory projects, that involve video, communication devices and biofeedback. She has been on a continuous quest to work with new and emerging technologies to explore expressive methods, via art and performance, to connect people with each other, over distance better and in more embodied, emotional ways.

The title of this year’s TEDx Brighton series is Many Hands. It will explore ideas around connectivity, convergence and community: “We’ll be looking at the prevalence of technology in the networked age, how our social networks can leave us feeling more isolated than ever and how, in our world surrounded by screens, we are driven to desire the physical. We’ll be exploring how intimacy looks in the modern age along with ideas of connectivity across distance, flash mobs, subcultures, the maker movement and how skills once commonplace within our locale, have become rarities akin to art.”

Tickets are available here.


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