The idea of the workshop series is to bring together three constituencies – Textile Technology; Creative Textile Design; Design Anthropology. All these are relevant to innovations that can take this relatively un-developed technology out of the lab onto bodies, into building and artefacts, transforming interesting materials into useful things. The project explores role of design in this process, helping inventors and consumers communicate by transforming the possibilities that can be built into materials from potentials into engaging things that can become part of, and perhaps change, our lives.

W1 // Making Connection

The first workshop explored how wearable computing is changing how we understand ourselves and others and featured presentations from prominent practitioners and technologists including Rain Ashford, Bushra Kelsey Burge, Debbie Davies, Tilak Dias, Clive van Heerden and Tim Stonor. More

W2 // Material Engagement

This workshop explores how, and in what way, the heuristics of design engagement around textiles and innovation is engaging with social research. It will feature stages of the material, craft, properties, innovation, consumption, de-making, to give a broad overview of the different stages in the process. More

W3 // Dialogue and Communication

The third and final workshop featured three short presentations and an overview of the scoping report that is a key element of the project alongside the workshops. It also provided a platform for identifying the concrete outcomes of the project and planning More