The third and final workshop featured three short presentations and an overview of the scoping report that is a key element of the project alongside the workshops. It also provided a platform for identifying the concrete outcomes of the project and planning subsequent activities that will build on the relationships formed in W1 and W2 and the insights and that have emerged from the scoping study. The key theme for the workshop was Dialogue and Communication – arts, science, anthropology; taking into account themes that had emerged from the previous sessions. E-textiles offer unique opportunities regarding communication; both in terms of electronic communications in cloth and also communications between different disciplines, where e-textiles make it possible to think about the space of dialogue at the edges of disciplines to determine new ways of communicating and making.

Location – School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University

NTU has an internationally recognised reputation for the high quality of its Art and Design education provision. In particular the university excels in textiles research, with a focus on Advanced Textiles, Global Cultures, and Digital Craft and Embodied Knowledge. www.ntu.ac.uk



Raymond Oliver

Raymond Oliver Raymond is a chemical engineer with 20 years expertise through a variety of senior research and technology management posts in a global chemicals and materials company. He is currently a Professor at Northumbria University, Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow at the Institute of Chemical Engineering, and Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art (Active and Interactive Materials). He has published books on the topic of Granulation and Nanocomposites, as well as a forthcoming publication on Future Ways of Living: the Convergence of Materials, Design and Informatics. His current research interests are electro photo bio active polymers, and applications in ambient intelligence, portable power, printable light and organic printed sensors using conductive polymers.




Sarah Kettley

sarah kettley website I am an interdisciplinary practice-led researcher and educator, a contemporary jeweller working in tangible HCI and interaction design. My interests include the craft and design of wearable technology, and the user experience and epistemology of (smart) textile design practices. As PI on the EPSRC project An Internet of Soft Things, I lead a multidisciplinary team in interrogating design methodologies for mental wellbeing.






Mat Trivett

mat trivet website Mathew Trivett is a producer specialising in interdisciplinary and practice-led research with artists, designers, technologists and educators.  His work focuses on critical innovation, human-centred design and network cultures.  He founded and leads on Broadway’s Near Now programme in Nottingham, supported by Arts Council England.  Through Near Now, Broadway commissions projects and new work with world leading artists and engages in research activities that explore the place and impact of technology in everyday life.